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Children Perform Scarface 'At A School Play'

Every once in a while this 2010 clip surfaces again online again. What is seemingly a school play, thankfully isn't!

The video was originally posted to YouTube under the title "Scarface School Play" in 2010, when it also went viral. But it was later revealed that the whole project was put together by music video director Marc Klasfeld. He did it with professional child actors in a theatre in Los Angeles' Koreatown.

At the time, Klasfeld told the Los Angeles Times that it was "amusing" to see the outrage the video caused, adding that he wondered why the critics did not "speak out more against the sexualization of young girls in American culture or the relentless violence on screens of all sorts."

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly Marc discussed his wider career as an established music video director.

"A lot of people probably know this about me, but I've done hundreds upon hundreds of music videos, commercials, and virals. So for me, this was just one more thing that I did. It wasn't this one-off thing that I did. I did a movie. I did a comedy-satire about the Los Angeles riots called The L.A. Riot Spectacular. I've done dozens of controversial music videos. Just last year, I did a very popular viral called "Hammer Pants Dance." So this is something that is just part of what I do. There are many things that I'm uncredited for, too. But this one just happened to hit that certain nerve and just kind of took off into the pop culture heavens and just exploded. And it's been pretty interesting to watch."

As for why video blew up so quickly, Klasfeld believes it's unfortunately right for the times.

"Most people view America in a state of decline right now," he said. "And this really hits home for them in a way that they think something like this is actually possible in our society, morals have really slipped to this kind of level."


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