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Native Americans Left a Code For Humans To Live By

Certain words of wisdom are followed by every person - regardless of their ethnicity, religion, tribe or culture. These words come from the difference between the people living in their society. These words shape their culture and mold their culture to be unique. The Native American Code of Ethics, originally published in the Inter-Tribal Times, is possibly one of the best code of conduct for building character. This code of ethics teaches everyone, including those who are not Americans, to live life at its best. The teachings in this manuscript are found in other religions too.

1. Raising early (as early as the sunrise) to pray alone, to pray often and to pray wholeheartedly. The gods will listen if you only speak up.

2. Pray to bring the derailed back in track. They are ignorant and they don't know better.

3. Finding one's own path. A man's own path should not be shown by others, rather it should be figured out by the man himself.

4. Behave well with guests. Treat them with hospitality.

5. Do not take anything that you do not deserve through the means of force - be it from another person, another tribe, another culture or nature around you.

6. Show kindness to everything around you, people as well as animals.

7. Respect other people's opinion even if it goes against what you believe in.

8. Do not backbite. Do not speak about other peoples perceived flaws behind their back.

9. Forgive small mistakes. Everyone makes them.

10. Be optimistic. Optimism makes the world a better place to live in.

11. Do not destroy the nature. Nature is a part of us, not for us to take whatever we want from it.

12. Take care of your children. They will lead the tribe when they grow up, so make sure they grow up properly.

13. Avoid hurting other peoples feelings. Feelings matter.

14. Never lie. Lying is bad for everyone.

15. Be wholesome. Be strong physically as well as mentally and emotionally. A strong person is strong in every sector.

16. Take responsibility for your own action. Think before you act.

17. Privacy should be maintained.

18. Know yourself. Believe in yourself and follow your own principles.

19. Let people follow their own religion and do not force your religion on them.

20. Share your luck with others and others will share their fortune with you too. These rules made the native American tribe live peacefully in harmony with each other, and these rules can help us live in harmony too.

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