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Spend A Little Time With Beautiful Lifts From Around The World

The Steam-powered lift in the house of Guard Captain S. Muyaki,St. Petersburg, Russia

From the mid-1920s up until World War II, Art Deco in art and design gained global popularity. Originating in Europe and America, the style can be traced back to the Exposition Internationale des Arts Decoratifs et Industriels Modernes.

Architects and designers wanted to create a modern style better suited for the modern mechanical and industrial age marking. Art Deco celebrated movement and motion developed from what people saw as the aesthetics of the machine age. It was sleek and sophisticated, featuring smooth surfaces and bold colours in high contrasts like black and white.

The name ''Art Deco,'' by the way, comes from the title of that international show held in Paris back in 1925.

This lift is in Vienna, designed by Otto Wagner in 1898

Casa Sayrach, Barcelona

Casa Antoni Segarra, Barcelona

Pera Palace Hotel in Istanbul, Turkey

The Chrysler Building, NYC

Marine building, Vancouver

Selfridges, London

City Hall, Buffalo


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