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The Berlin Wall - Before And After

The Berlin Wall, in its existence as much as in its demise, was a symbol. Dividing East and West Germany for close to 30 years, the opening of the borders and subsequent reunification marked a change so big in people’s lives that many didn’t think they would see it happen in their lifetime.

Here we look at how it has changed in the past 31 years.

An abandoned car at the Wall by the Brandenburg Gate in 1989 and today.

West Berlin police in 1988 at the Glienicker Brücke which crossed from West Berlin into the GDR at Potsdam.

The Brandenburg Gate in 1962 behind concrete blocks.

US tanks at Checkpoint Charlie on Friedrichstraße in October 1961, shortly after the Wall was constructed.

Andrei Sacharov and his wife Yelena Bonner, were exiled to Gorky for seven years, the banner asks for justice

Border police at Invalidenstraße/Sandkrugbrücke crossing in 1971.

The Versöhnungskirche Bernauer Straße, was demolished in 1985.

The East Side Gallery in 1990 before this former stretch of the Wall became a focal point for artists.

The Wall at Brücke Waldemarstraße, Kreuzberg in 1986.

Pariser Platz by the Brandenburg Gate is sealed off in autumn 1989.

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