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The Day Brigitte Bardot and Pablo Picasso Spent Together

Updated: Apr 15

In 1956, at the Cannes Film Festival, Brigitte Bardot, then 21 years old and already a star with 17 films under her belt, crossed paths with Pablo Picasso, aged 74, renowned for his pioneering work in Cubist painting. Picasso, having delved into various artistic techniques over his illustrious career, had settled in Vallauris on the French Riviera since 1948, exploring clay and ceramics in addition to his traditional mediums. Bardot's visit to Picasso, just a stone's throw from the festival's location, attracted media attention, particularly with her rising fame, which had spread to the United States since her breakthrough at the 1953 Cannes Festival.

LIFE magazine seized the opportunity, sending Jerome Brierre to capture the momentous meeting between the youthful icon and the seasoned artist. Though Picasso never immortalized Bardot on canvas, it's said that Bardot was inspired by Picasso's muse Lydia Corbett, adopting her distinctive blonde-haired, ponytailed appearance after encountering her at Cannes. The rendezvous between Bardot and Picasso, with their stark age difference and Picasso's reputation for romancing younger women, became a captivating tale of the era.


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