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The Man Behind The Succulent Chinese Meal That Demonstrates Democracy Manifest

Updated: Apr 15

Good news for fans of delectable Chinese cuisine: the individual behind the infamous "democracy manifest" is still among us, (he isn't a Hungarian chess master, but rather an artist hailing from Queensland)

For those feeling perplexed, it may be best to disregard this article entirely. However, if you really do know your Judo well, you'll know what i'm on about.

Here's a refresher of our hero arguing his case with the Blue-Meanies outside a restaurant

While the police are trying to bundle the man into a police car, he announces, in a voice that sounds much like Oliver Reed:

"Gentlemen, this is democracy manifest!"
"What is the charge? Eating a meal? A succulent Chinese meal?"
"Get your hands off my penis!"

The man arrested had been shrouded in mystery for years. Speculations abound, with some asserting him to be Paul Charles Dozsa, a Hungarian immigrant and renowned chess player notorious for his repeated instances of "dining and dashing" at various restaurants across Australia.

However, Dozsa passed away in 2003, putting an end to that theory. Now, with the emergence of the real "Mr Democracy Manifest," the speculation can finally be put to rest.

The circumstances surrounding his reappearance remain murky. It appears his first public appearance occurred in a video shared on the popular Australian meme page Brown Cardigan in 2020.

In the clip we see a man that's older, but his voice proves he is unmistakably the hero of our story.

More recently, punk band The Chats did a promo for their tour featuring our hero and mocking up his arrest.

Then came a website, announcing that he had returned: "Jack is still with us. Jack will tell his story … his name is not Paul Charles Dozsa, he was not a chess grandmaster and he is most definitely still alive."

The website advertises a range of merchandise emblazoned with the famous quotes.

One way or another, it didn't take long to get him in front of a camera for an interview. Sitting down with Sportsbet, he confirms he is the man in the clip and recounts the day of his arrest, when his tranquil lunch was rudely interrupted.

"There’s all TV cameras. Channel Seven, Channel Nine, whatever," he says. "They’ve surrounded the place and come arrested me."

An archival news package then plays, from soon after the arrest.

"When Cecil George Edwards was arrested in a town mall last Friday, the [Fortitude] Valley police thought they’d caught Queensland’s most wanted," Reason reported.

"Instead he was a petty criminal working under several aliases ... a conman with a flair for acting.

"Only hours after his arrest, the watch house granted him bail, leaving the police red faced and empty handed."



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