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The Dad That Turns His 4-Year-Old Son’s Adventures Into Action Films

When we were kids, it was easy to imagine that the ground was lava, or that we were superheroes or ship captains. But when we grow up, our imaginations tend to grow a little rusty, and it becomes harder and harder to see the world as children do. That’s why artist Daniel Hashimoto started creating videos that were both a window into his four-year-old son’s imagination and a reminder that life really is an adventure.

Hashimoto, who goes by Action Movie Dad on YouTube, films his son’s imaginary adventures as he plays at home or runs around a local playground, then adds special effects to transform them into miniature action movies. In one video, the Action Movie Kid navigates a ship through a storm, in another, he swings across playground monkey bars as CGI crocodiles snap at his heels.

Hashimoto’s videos can also be educational. For anyone interested in turning their own child’s playtime into an action movie, Hashimoto provides video tutorials, revealing how he achieves all of his effects. Check out a few videos from Action Movie Kid and Dad below:


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