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There’s a Magical Little Town in the Netherlands Sitting On Calm Waters

The Netherlands is famous for its canals and fairytale-like little towns, but the tiny village of Giethoorn in the North rally stands out from the crowd. It is located in the province of Overijssel, this place looks wonderful. The canal runs through the entire village and it looks like the tiny cottages around it are there to decorate its banks. The entire population of Giethoorn is about 2,260 people, which makes it the perfect quiet weekend getaway. If you love to spend time in nature, this is the right place for you as you can take a bike tour in this charming little place and enjoy the greenery surrounding it.

Besides biking, there are regular boat tours that you can take, as boats are also the main means of transport there. Over the past few years, the town experienced an increase in tourists as word spread quickly about this magical place. So, if you want to avoid crowds and truly experience the serenity of Giethoorn, it is better to visit outside peak season. In case you prefer to stay in a bigger city for the holidays, you can always book your accommodation in Amsterdam and make the visit to Giethoorn a day trip.

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