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This Guy Hunts Down Original Album Cover Locations In London

Updated: May 14, 2022

Vintage album covers are reunited with their original shoot locations in this satisfying series. Shot by Alex Bartsch, everything is aligned for a seamless collage of past and present.

Most of these albums covers were for reggae projects making music between 1967 and 1987. The covers were shot around London and give a short tour of the city back then.

"The image on a record cover usually remains within defined borders, instantly recognisable as a record cover, but not so much as a location," Bartsch says of the project.

"Approaching the scene from a wider angle and revealing the cover’s surroundings brought me, and will hopefully bring others, closer to the time and place of the original photo shoot."

"Some [of the locations] were easy to find while others took months of detective work. I cycled all over the city, from Penge in southeast London to Harlesden in the northwest. There were wild goose chases, and some unexpected finds. It's been a great adventure, and has painted an interesting map of London's reggae music heritage."

You can follow Bartsch's project on Kickstarter here.



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