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Vintage Christmas Cards That Highlight Festive Activities Such As Kidnapping, Murder, And Terror.

Forget serene woodland scenes or snapshots of a family decorating a tree beside a roaring fire. Victorian Christmas cards were a rollercoaster of murder, monsters, and kidnapping. From dead birds to sinister snow people, these vintage Christmas cards are more disturbing than delightful.

"Why are they so disturbing?" I hear you ask. Well, in all honesty I've no idea. But if I had to guess I would say it had something to with liberal drug use of the Victorian Era combined with the fact that life expectancy of the time was incredibly low, the middle class got around 45 years to live, workers only half of that and children were lucky to survive their 5th birthdays. Because of that, everyday funeral processions were nothing out of the ordinary, and you couldn't scare any Victorian with dying or all the creepiness that comes with it.

So below you'll see a gallery of extremely surreal and gruesome cards that would've been landing on peoples doormats in the 1800s.


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