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'Who’s She' Guessing Game Celebrates Accomplished Women Throughout History

Remember the classic guess who? game that originated from the 1970s? Well, Polish designer Zuzia Kozerska has created a far more meaningful, inspiring and fun version called ‘who’s she?’, which celebrates the accomplishments of famous international women throughout history.

Laser-cut from high quality baltic birch wood, ‘who’s she?’ flips up to reveal the portraits of 28 astronauts, athletes, painters, scientists and more, all of which are illustrated in watercolour by artist Daria Golab. This ranges from early 20th century painter Frida Kahlo to tennis star Serena Williams and from performer-turned-spy Josephine Baker to pioneering aviator Amelia Earhart. Superficial questions, such as hair colour or whether they wear a hat or not, are replaced with players encouraged to inquire about achievements like ‘did she win a Nobel prize?’ for example.

The wooden biography cards of zuzia korezerska’s guessing game feature fun, interesting and inspiring anecdotes about the lives of these 28 women. designed for younger generations playing, these stories inform, inspire and illustrate how women – no matter of age, ethnicity or location – can achieve anything. interested in guessing ‘who’s she?’, the game was sourcing crowd funding via kickstarter here.

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