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Why ALL music is GOOD music.

Whilst sitting here eating my porridge and my eldest son is harassing me to play something I believe to be awful on Spotify, it dawns on me – how and why is it awful? What makes it awful? What gives me the right to say it’s awful?

All music is music, and if it makes you feel good then naturally it’s good music.

Primal Scream released an album called Screamadelica two days before my birthday 1991 (thanks guys) – if you’re not aware of this album then you should really give it a spin, it’s a blissed out blend of gorgeousness and love (and VERY good music). Produced by The Orb (amongst others) so you get the idea of how good it could be.

On this album is an utterly beautiful track called Come Together. The opening is sampled from a speech Jesse Jackson gave at the Wattstax concert held in LA in 1975.

As you can see, the very Rev Jackson puts it a lot more eloquently and militantly than I can. But essentially the message is this – stop being elitist and start loving ALL music. If it makes you feel good, then it’s good.

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