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The number of players changes constantly as people take breaks, change tables, or go home. You must adjust your strategy. For example, as the game gets short-handed, you must become looser and more aggressive

Your entire game can change when one or two players leave and are replaced by very different ones. This problem is particularly acute for online players. In a cardroom you can easily see that a new player is in a seat, but online you have only a name and perhaps an icon. In addition, online players turn over very quickly, especially if you’re multi-tabling.

If Maniacs replace Rocks, the game will be turned upside down. The Maniacs will raise and reraise almost every hand, creating huge pots and putting other players off-balance. If Rocks replace Maniacs, the entire game will tighten up. Anytime the game changes, your strategy should change. The strategy that worked well just a few minutes ago may become utterly inappropriate.

Long-Term Changes

The “long-term” has gotten much shorter recently. Until a few years ago, major changes occurred slowly, but television, online poker, and an explosion of books, DVDs, coaching websites, and computer software have changed poker more in the past few years than in the previous fifty.

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